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Transition to Sustainability Marketing

The transition to sustainability marketing involves the integration of social and environmental criteria into conventional marketing thinking and processes.

Therefore, marketers have to break their traditional frame of reference to integrate sustainability in marketing strategy. They have to come forward not only to bring sustainability in products and services, but also in marketing mix.

Given the challenges that the marketing discipline currently faces in terms of a transformation towards a focus on customer relationships and a need to harmonize marketing thinking and practices with the principles of sustainable development, it may be interesting to consider a ‘4Cs’ sustainability marketing mix

(Ref. Belz/Peattie 2010)

A specific consideration has to be given to the Customer Total Cost. Transitioning from a product (take-make-dispose) centered toward a more sustainable (and ultimately circularity based) marketing.

This transition can only happen when companies and their respective stakeholders will realize the importance of ESG deployment in business practices.

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