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ESG’s Scrabble® dictionary

The ESG landscape is filled with many standards, reporting and assessment alternatives. Like in a Scrabble game, it’s not always easy to spot the connection behind the letters. We present a short “dictionary” for the ones we consider the most relevant per category, each with their short ID profile:

- what the acronyms stand for,

- launch year,

- purpose,

- main disclosure areas.

We focused on the two major Framework and Standards, on three very useful tools to elaborate on Reporting and on one powerful Assessment method.

First GRI, the most widely used ESG standards:

By merging in June 2021 IIRC and SASB linked together Framework and Standards:

Originally focusing on Carbon Emissions the CDP has widen its reporting scope

The TCFD is an appropriate reporting tool when looking at the financial link to climate

The United Nations SDGs provide an holistic sustainability centered target setting

More on SDGs in our article: Integrating SDGs in ESG

The BIA designed by B Corp is a powerful methodology to assess an organization ESG impacts. There is no obligation to become a B Corporation to use the tool, but more a willingness to share the principle of doing well by doing good.

The choice of the most suitable standard, reporting enablers or assessment methodology is an important step during an ESG strategy approach. It is usually part of our analysis module:

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