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Convincing your team to integrate ESG

Today, many companies are facing the challenge of sustainable transformation. Faced with consumer pressure, the emergence of new legal contexts and new commercial standards, many companies will have to evolve their business models in order to continue to grow. And this is precisely the role a sustainability strategy and the deployment of ESG would have: reinventing the company to make it evolve towards more sustainable paradigms.

Executives are the keystone of an integrated sustainability strategy and ESG deployment.

Too often sustainability is still struggling to establish itself at the heart of the company. While ESG should be embedded in all the company's departments, be embraced by all the company's employees and be placed at the heart of the strategy, it is still too often confined to specific missions: reporting, philanthropy... But there are exceptions: companies that have integrated sustainable development into the heart of their business model, into the heart of their corporate project. And often, what differentiates these companies is the involvement of their CEO added to the ESG deployment by the executives of the company.

So, how do you convince your executives to better integrate ESG into the company's transformation? What can motivate their strategic choices related to the deployment of ESG in their departments?

The keyword is COHERENCE. Throughout the Analysis-Strategy-Deployment process the ESG dots have to be connected in a coherent way.

• Analysis: Forward thinking and connected around the most critical ESG material topics.

• Strategic Integration level: Strategies allocate resources to ESG initiatives that are aligned

• Deployment: ESG KPIs are embedded in the whole organization, from core to support processes

With our “coherence module” we help executive teams make sure all their ESG dots have coherent connections:

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