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Our Framework is composed of five modules connecting critical ESG dots
to support a coherent sustainability strategy and formulate its narrative. 
Each module can support specific activities or can form part of an overall ESG support.

5-ESG Framework.png
6-ESG Readiness Check.png

The ESG Readiness Check is a scan of the existing ESG landscape. It serves to identify existing ESG points and check existing and missing connections. 

7-ESG Analysis.png

The Analysis Refresh ensures that the existing (or yet to be produced) analysis documents are forward thinking and connected around the most critical material topics.

8-ESG Integration.png

The Integration module requires fundamental decisions. How deep does the organization want to embed sustainability? How wide will then the ESG scope be(come)? 

9-ESG Deployment.png

The Deployment & Alignment plan considers which generic or specific ESG topics are to be deployed in which functional departments and what management tools can be used.

10-ESG Coherence.png

The Coherence Check forms the background for formulating the “narrative zero” that will be the base for all subsequent communications.

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