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Igor Allinckx

Founder of CXOs & Co. and

Igor’s journey toward the purpose of “Embedding Sustainability at the Core of Strategies” took the way of corporate ladder climbing up to the CEO role and then the path of consulting.

Over time, one of his challenges was to get a fully integrative ESG approach. Convincing Japanese headquarters and shareholders about the specific material ESG risks and opportunities, building a business case of sustainability, getting the organization and external stakeholders supporting it and then linking, implementing and monitoring ESG progress in functional departments required an approach connecting all the dots.
He developed it, applying his MBA skills and through trials and errors during his CEO years, before eventually deciding to continue his journey on the consulting path and further structuring the approach.

By founding CXOs & Co. ( and becoming Associate Partner at his corporate's time sustainability adviser Finch & Beak (, Igor has been supporting companies in embedding sustainability at the core of strategies since then. He now further helps to connect the ESG dots from Analysis (Materiality Matrix, ESG and ERM Mapping) to Strategic Plans (Purpose, Business Model / Value Proposition) and Implementation throughout the organizations (Processes, Portfolios and Management tools). This is what is about.

Igor's LinkedIn Profile

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