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For many companies, fragmented sustainability initiatives, stand-alone projects and organizational silos are blurring the ESG landscape. 

Acknowledging the fact that the lack of clarity on ESG issues is detrimental to overall growth, there is a need to focus on the «Critical Few v/s Important Many». To get coherent strategy & narrative the ESG dots have to be connected. These are the reasons why Stratesgy was born.

An integrative ESG approach


 Connects the dots from

Analysis (Materiality Matrix, ESG and ERM Mapping with SDGs) to

Strategic Plans (Purpose, Business Model/Value Proposition) and

Deployment (Portfolios and Management tools)

The goals are to:

Build a business case of sustainability

Get the organization and external stakeholders support


Linking, implementing and monitoring ESG progress

Formulating a coherent ESG narrative

The benefits are:

Better Stakeholders Understanding and Relationships


Higher Brand Value and Reputation

Enhanced Portfolio Innovation

Business Model Sustainability

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